Integrated Development Environments


Get and Install Code::Blocks on your home computer: it is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux 32-bit & Linux 64-bit; download Code::Blocks. Select download the binary release, select your Operating System, and select codeblocks-16.01mingw-setup.exe which includes the gcc/g++ compiler and debugger.

Microsoft Visual Studio

  1. Visit the Visual Studo (VS) Downloads
  2. Click on the Download Visual Studio Button and select Community; if you would like to download the Visual Studio for Mac OS, simply click on Mac OS at the bottom of the banner picture.
  3. Watch the short video on Getting Started with Visual Studio- Install and Setup
  4. Install and Setup your Visual Studio
  5. Watch a 15-min video on how to develop a simple hello world application.

Online C++ Compiler

Code, Compile, Run, and Debug C++ programs online. Click here for the online C++ compiler.

Remote Server Access


It is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It allows you access to the X-Desktop department server environment from anywhere; download X2GO Client. Next, you should configure your X2Go client as follows; see the fields highlighted in yellow:



Download and install the NoMachine software for your operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). The installation will provide you with the MoMachine Service (Server) and NoMachine (Client). We will only be using the NoMachine (Client).

  1. Launch NoMachine (don’t launch NoMachine Service)
  2. Configure NoMachine as follows:

Step 1: Choose SSH from the drop menu



Step 2: Enter Host and Port Number


Step 3: Use the NoMachine login


Step 4: Select No Proxy


Step 5: Give any name to your connection and create a link on your desktop


Atom with C/C++ Programming Language Support: